Automatic Carton Packaging Systems for Pouches

Automatic Carton Packaging Systems for Pouches
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It is built with an automatic indexing system that positions cartons and cases to
minimize repetitive wrist and arm motions of the operator. This system is engineered to quickly and easily pack a large variety of product sizes, shapes, weights, and materials in a large range of case sizes. It also has four operator stations that will offer high productivity. Lastly, it can be integrated with a product infeed conveyor and box indexing conveyor.

This automatic packaging system is applied to carton packing for pouches (such as Bailey bag) in the fields of the dairy, beverage and other industries.

Customized order for carton packaging line is available.

The packing system including the following equipments according to customer requests:

A. Lifter

B. Multi-head Weigher

C. Automatic Rotary Packing Machine

D. Case Erector

E. Robot Encasing Machine

F. Automatic Carton Sealer

G. Automatic Strapping Machine

H. Conveyor for Robot Taking Carton

I. Automatic Pallet Supplying

J. Palletizing Robot

K. Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine with Top Seal

L. Automatic Stretch Wrapper

M. Output

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