Automatic Carton Sealing Packing Line

Automatic Carton Sealing Packing Line
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The packaging line is composed of semiautomatic bottom flap carton sealer, manual packaging, automatic carton sealer and carton edge sealer process is used to achieves the bottom flap carton sealer, manually filling the material then flap sealing to complete the I-shaped sealing.

● According to the carton size, manual adjusting machine width and height, simple, convenient, fast.
After carton through the front cover folding lid carton sealer sealed then putted into the 90 degree angle machine, by the pushing plate pushed into the corner and side carton sealer.

● Through the corner and side carton sealer to complete the four corner edge of top and bottom sealing,ultimately achieve the perfect H-shaped sealing.

● Control, simple operation, conveniently repair, stable performance.

● Suitable for a variety of cartons automatic folding lid H-shaped carton sealer, carton four corners at the same time automatic sealing,smooth,fast,stable,and can also be matched with automated packaging line.

Equipment Configuration:

ZDJ-5050 Bottom Folding Machine             1set

FXJ-5050B Semiautomatic Carton Sealer   1set

JFX-5060 Carton Edges Sealer                   1set

SJG-100/66 No-drive Roller Conveyor        1set (1m)

Electric Cabinet                                            1set

Procedure Diagram:


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