Automatic Strapping Folding Packaging Line

Automatic Strapping Folding Packaging Line
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The simple packaging line is composed of automatic flap carton sealer and carton edge sealer process achieves the I-shaped sealing of the carton. It adopts intelligent programmable control and has a simple and compact structure. It reduces the handling of personnel and improves the production efficiency. It can be customized by requirement to be designed in L or linear layout.

Ideal for sealing and packing of cartons these are widely used in electrical appliance, foodstuffs, general merchandise, and medicine and in several other industries industry.

Equipment Configuration:

FXJ-5050Z Auto Flap Carton Sealer      1set

JFX-5060 Carton Edges Sealer              1set

SJG-100/66 No-drive Roller Conveyor    2sets (2 ×1m)

Electric Cabinet                                       1set

Procedure Diagram:


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