Automatic Strapping Packaging Line

Automatic Strapping Packaging Line
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The packaging line is composed of semiautomatic bottom flap carton sealer, manual packaging, automatic flap carton sealer and automatic strapping machine process which achieves the bottom flap carton sealer, manually filling the material then flap sealing and carton box Road or double lanes and well-shaped strapping It adopts intelligent programmable control and has a simple and compact structure; it reduces the handling of personnel and improves production efficiency; arranged in a L type line.

The automatic packing machine has the function of continuous automatic sealing box and Multi - binding packaging, which can not only reduce the area of the cost of packaging. In addition to the former part of the need for manual packing, the back part of the closure of the box is automatic control, work reliable and stable, easy to operate, maintenance is simple. Sealing box machine can be used separately.

Equipment Configuration:

DZF-5050 Semiautomatic Flap Carton Sealer                       1set

SJG-100/66 No-drive Roller Conveyor                                   2sets (2×1m)

FXJ-5050Z Auto Flap Carton Sealer                                      1set

SJGL-100/66 Chain Drive Roller Conveyor                            2sets (2×0.8m)

KZW-8060/D High-table Automatic Strapping Machine         2sets

SJZG-140/66 Vertical Turning Chain Drive Roller Conveyor  1set  

Electric Cabinet                                                                      1set

Procedure Diagram:




Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50 110/60 or (3PH)380/50

Gross Power (W)


Max. Carton Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Min. Carton Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Speed (m/min)


Productive Capacity (pcs/h)


Height of Table (mm)


Adhesive Tape (mm)

BOPP, PVC adhesive tape, water-free adhesive tape,
     width 48、60、76mm(Optional)

Available Strapping Belt (mm)

plastic strapping belt,width9~15  thickness0.5~1.1

Air Compressor (optional)

2/3 litres at 5 bars

External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)

“L” Type 7850×3500×1700

Net Weight (kg)


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