Automatic Vertical form and Seal Machine

Automatic Vertical form and Seal Machine
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The process starts with a cylindrical roll of film, the vertical bagging machine will transfer film from the roll and thru the forming collar (sometimes referred to as tube or plow). Once transferred thru the collar the film will then fold where upon the vertical seal bars will extend and seal the back of the pouch. Once the desired pouch length is transferred it is filled with product. Once filled the horizontal seal bars will then close, seal and cut the pouch providing a finished product that includes a bag with top/bottom horizontal seals and one vertical back seal.

Available features:

All our models of vertical form seal machines can be upgraded to include a hole punch, tare notch, nitrogen flush, label application, ink jet date code printing and gusset attachment for stand up pouching needs.





Film width

150-420mm (maximum)

Bag length


Bag width


Film roll diameter

320mm (maximum)

Packaging speed

10-40bags/minute (according to the product conditions)

Range of measurement



220V, 50/60H,2.8kW

Machine size (L x W x H)

1390 x 1155 x 1800mm


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