Automatic Weigh and Packing Machine

Automatic Weigh and Packing Machine
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A new, open-frame structure is common to all models, offering exceptional ease of access for operation and maintenance and a stability that renders most fine adjustment unnecessary. Both intermittent and rotary models benefit from new motor and drive technology that improves positional jaw control at the point of sealing.

● We offer a wide range of solutions for filling various types of bags and products.

● The packaging machines for solid products (powder, granules, pellets or flakes), whether foodstuffs or mineral in origin, offer a wide selection.

● All using a compact, sturdy and economical packaging system.

● Offer the perfect balance between function and practicality with the advantage of efficiency.





Film width

260-680mm (maximum)

Bag length


Bag width


Film roll diameter

320mm (maximum)

Packaging speed

10-30bags/minute (according to the product conditions)

Range of measurement



220V, 50/60H,3.8kW

Machine size (L x W x H)

1590 x 1500x 2408mm


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