Automatic Weighing Filling Machine

Automatic Weighing Filling Machine
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CJS 25 HI is an electronic dosing device with load cells for semi-automatic filling of bags with max weight 25 kg.The machine is suitable for the automatic dosage of granular products with a good flowability.
The dispenser is mainly formed by a welded and painted tubular steel, stainless steel, loading hopper with pneumatic closing, fast discharge channel, slow discharge channel with vibrator to achieve the exact weight, weighing hopper installed on load cells, pneumatic device for locking the empty bag, PLC operator interface and user-friendly keyboard.

● The dispenser can be combined with a motorized conveyor for automatic loading of the product and to a free or motorized conveyor for unloading the full bag, it can also be combinated with an automatic packaging machine.

● All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

● Ideal for packaging of pellets, granulated foods, dried pasta (short), cereals, coffee, nuts, sugar, etc...



Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50  110/60

Power (W)


Weighing Range (kg/bag)


Weighing Speed (bags/h)


Weighing Accuracy


Net Weight (kg)


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