Big Shrink Tunnel

Big Shrink Tunnel
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● Adopt two high power blowing motors to ensure enough circulating air and uniform temperature inside the tunnel.

● Adopt high quality transducer to control the conveying speed.

● The stainless steel heater ensure the efficient and long service time.

● Adopt planetary reduction gear and high power motor to ensure stable conveying without shaking.

● Speed changeable motor with speed desired & adjusted easily.

● Highly efficient heating up with good separations.

● Equipped with cooling system in rear of tunnel.

● Temperature controlled automatically. Temperature variable with easy operation.

● Fix heat insulation baffle and guard prevent from heat loss on both ends of tunnel.

● Use the imported heat insulation cord fabric to reduce the heat consumption.

● There are normal type and dense roller type for choice, even small products will be kept stable without shifting during packing.

● This kind of shrink wrapping machine can be moved freely by bottom truckles. In addition, with anchor bolt, it can be equipped onto production lines in different heights.

● The special air duct system is designed for better appearance of package after packing.

● Adopt adjustable vents for board inside tunnel, air blowing volume can be adjusted partially as required.

● The conveyor belt can be designed as roller type, stainless steel mesh or Teflon mesh according to customer’s requirements.





3 Phase 380/50  or  3 Phase 220/60 

Power (kw)


Loading (kg)


Speed (m/min)


Max. Packing Size (W×H)(mm)


Infeed Conveyor Height (mm)


Tunnel Size (L×W×H)(mm)


Film Used


External Dimension (L×W×H)(mm)


Net Weight (kg)



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