Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas

Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas
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This machine can be used for vacuum packaging a variety of food, medicine, native products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military supplies; whether solid, powder, paste, liquid can be applied, can effectively prevent lipid oxidation products Caused by aerobic bacteria corruption and deterioration of goods, items can be kept dry and not easy to become paste, can be achieved durability, color retention, to facilitate the extension of storage, easy to transport and export of packaged goods, can be widely used in factories, shopping malls , Hospitals, research institutes vacuum flexible packaging bulk products.

The machine has two turns to the work of the vacuum chamber, the upper and lower studio all made of stainless steel, reasonable structure, airtight, durable, and meet the requirements of food hygiene and preservation, the studio is equipped with a hot Sealing machine devices, and a balanced structure, any location can be changed to stay, and buffer protection. Sealing temperature points fourth gear adjusted to change the heat transformer to achieve a different level of sealing temperature, sealing time following the voltage to control the machine at the same time sealing the date of such words can be printed on food labels to meet the state statutory requirements.




Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 380/50  220/50 110/60

Motor power (W)


Sealing Power (W)


Ultimate Vacuum Pressure (Kpa)


Sealing Width (mm)

10 or 2×3

Chamber Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)


Vacuum Pump capacity (m3/h)


Material for Vacuum Chamber


External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight (Kg)



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