High Speed Automatic Side Sealing Machine

High Speed Automatic Side Sealing Machine
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The use of horizontal and vertical two photoelectric facilitate the switch for thin or small products that can easily complete package.Automatic feeding, length can also by a combination of optical and timer, automatic adjustment, equipped with an induction motor, automatic take-up of waste. When the package size change, adjustment is very simple, do not change the mold and the bag filter.Seal cutter with automatic protection function effectively prevent the misuse of cut packaging.Sealing partially filled plexiglass shield, and with automatic alarm function, greatly improving the operator's safety.

● Packing product without length limitation.

● High packing speed can reach to 0-40 pcs/minutes.

● Servo system enhances machine reliability and movement accuracy so as to reduce error and cost of resources.

● Sealing line adjusts on product center, achieve the best quality.

● Excellent sealing seams for different brands films.

● Excellent perforation system allows the pin easily to change and adjust.



Voltage (v/hz)

3 Phase 380/50  or  3 Phase 220/60

Compressed Air(kg/cm3


Power (kw)


Capacity (pcs/min)


Max. Packing Size  (W+H)(mm)

W+H≤450,W<350  Length unlimited

Max. Packing height (mm)


Sealing Length (mm)


External Dimension (L×W×H)(mm)


Net Weight (kg)


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