Food packaging machinery is accelerating in the industry

Food packaging machinery is accelerating in the industry

In recent years, the domestic development of the food packaging machinery industry has obviously accelerated compared with previous years. Enterprises in the industry have continued to develop new products to make their use value as perfect as possible on the basis of traditional packaging machinery, and continue to introduce foreign advanced technology. The added wings of the food packaging machinery field set off a frenzy that cannot be underestimated.

According to government officials, this year is the year for the implementation of the specific deployment of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and the launch of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. The country attaches great importance to the development of the food packaging machinery industry. Li Shujun, chairman of the Food Machinery Branch of the China Food Science and Technology Society, said that it is necessary to continuously learn new knowledge, combine actual conditions, and use technological innovation as the driving force to promote the accelerated transformation and development of the food machinery industry.

As of now, December is approaching the end of the year. Although there is no accurate data to show, it is not difficult to see the domestic development and achievements of the food packaging machinery industry.

Li Shujun once said that to break the immutability of the food packaging industry, relying solely on the passive state of importing foreign products, it is necessary to create a new path by itself, using the existing ones, and creating more practical and practical products for food packaging and other packaging. industry.

Adhering to this intention, in 2013, experts developed packaging units suitable for different industries under the premise of experiencing the increase in the price of raw materials for machinery manufacturing and the reduction of industry profits, so that the products can minimize manpower under the conditions of secondary processing and packaging, and mechanize and automatically package , Saving a lot of labor costs for the factory.

Li Shujun said: "We must realize that if the packaging and food machinery industry is to become an important industry in the machinery industry, it must have a scientific and reasonable industrial scale, industrial layout and industrial structure, and have a strong technological innovation and scientific research and development level. It has a group of internationally competitive enterprise groups and world-renowned brands. To achieve the above goals, it requires the perseverance and hard work of all colleagues in the industry to achieve."

Yes, the domestic development of the food packaging machinery industry will change the traditional model as always, create a new product suitable for the domestic packaging market, and continue to work hard to develop good products