Product introduction of pneumatic sealing machine

Product introduction of pneumatic sealing machine

Pneumatic sealing machine uses compressed air as power, electric appliance pulse technology sealing. Make the sealing material smooth, scrape and good effect. The sealing shape is divided into linear, circular, arc, figure eight, beveled, irregular and so on. It is widely used in bag sealing of thermoplastic plastics such as aluminum-plastic composite film, paper-plastic composite film, PVC, PP, PE and so on.


1. This machine is of gantry design, which can seal both bags and rolls.

2. The pressure is large, reaching 10000N, the cylinder is evenly distributed, and the pressure is even, which can effectively ensure the sealing effect.

3. The sealing length can be up to 8000mm, and the sealing width is 8-15mm.

4. The sealing power is large, the upper and lower sides are heated, and the heat is large. The enlarged model can seal four layers of composite film with a thickness of 0.5mm, and the cumulative thickness is up to 2mm. For aluminum-plastic composite film and paper-plastic composite film, it can also have a good sealing effect.

5. Semi-automatic design, only need to manually put the bag, start the switch, the pressing and closing of the sealing bar-sealing-cooling-lifting the bar and other actions are all automatically completed.