Product introduction of strapping machine

A strapping machine is a machine that uses strapping bands to tie up packing parts and complete binding operations. The binding device of the binding machine is composed of a frame, a knife body structure, a camshaft, a swing rod of an electric heating head, an electric heating head, etc. The length of the knife can be controlled by unloading the elastic horizontal pin, then unloading the fixed screw on the knife roller frame, and then adjusting and adjusting the screw, so that the length of the knife can be adjusted and automatically adjusted. The utility model has the advantages of small size, reasonable design, compact structure, reliable operation, firm binding, high efficiency and convenient maintenance. It is especially suitable for the binding of envelopes, books, periodicals, banknotes and merchandise. Strapping is to prevent the dispersion and loss of goods, and facilitate transportation and storage. Bundling machines are widely used in almost all industries.