What functions does the automatic vacuum packaging machine have?

What functions does the automatic vacuum packaging machine have?

1. Simple and convenient operation

The fully automatic vacuum packaging machine is a device with a relatively complicated internal structure, but it is particularly simple and convenient in operation. Its total control system adopts German imported PLC for unified control, and the parameters required for each operation link can be Set through the touch screen of the man-machine interface. Before running the equipment, we only need to set all the parameters of each production link, and then we can start the switch with one button, and the equipment will perform uniform production, thus realizing the entire vacuum packaging process.

2. Mechanical operation

The automatic vacuum packaging machine achieves all mechanical operations during the entire operation process, using a manipulator instead of manual operation, so that the coordination between each production link is just right, and the equipment adopts assembly line operation during the operation process, so that the packaging The effect is basically similar, so the product will have a uniform appearance on the outer packaging, thereby improving the packaging grade of the product. If there is a failure during operation, the device will emit a sound and display the cause of the failure on the touch screen. It also shortens the time for maintenance personnel to overhaul the equipment.

3. Diversified packaging specifications

Food processing companies admire diversification of food packaging requirements. This is also designed to meet the needs of different consumers. There are many types of food, coupled with many packaging specifications, which requires automatic vacuum packaging. The machine meets these packaging requirements at the same time. Faced with these different packaging specifications, one can be achieved by replacing the outer packaging bag. For example, the bag-type automatic vacuum packaging machine belongs to this type of model; the other is that it can be replaced Molds to realize the outer packaging of products of different specifications, such as stretch film automatic vacuum packaging machines.