Manual Bag Closing Machine

Manual Bag Closing Machine
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● Easy to use, just one person can operate;

● Hold the pocket with his left hand, right hand holding a sewing machine, tap the switch to slide in the pocket, to keep a balance operation.

● After sewing hand side, it will be automatically disconnected.

● Light weight, easy operation with automatic thread cutter.

● Equipped with lubricating device for oiling and prolongating machine life.

● Small size ,easy use, high speed and good quality.


It is suitable for closing all kinds of paper, cotton, PP/PE and gnny bags, e.g. burlap, jute, woven poly, cotton, plastic and paper with single needle single thread chain stitch 101.



Spec. of Motor (V/Hz)

220/50 110/60

Spec. of Sewing Thread

Polyester 20/6(2x3)

Spec. of Sewing Needle


Max. Length of Thread Mark (mm)


Max. Sewing Speed (Stitches/min)


External Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)


Net weight (kg)


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