Automatic Filling Machine Brings Infinite Possibilities To Medical Packaging

Automatic filling machine brings infinite possibilities to medical packaging


With the continuous improvement of the pharmaceutical market demand and the increasing demand for pharmaceutical quality, every process link in pharmaceutical production can not be ignored, and packaging quality is one of the important aspects. Filling machine is a small class of products in packaging machine. It is mainly responsible for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in the process of medical packaging. With the development of the times, filling machines are progressing. Fully automatic filling machine is a kind of packaging equipment that meets the requirements of the times. Its appearance brings infinite possibilities to medical packaging.


Fully automatic filling and filling machine is composed of filling, upper inner plug, pressure inner plug, upper outer cover, screw outer cover, PLC control and other main parts. The machine is driven by cam, with accurate positioning and smooth transmission. The whole process of filling, pressing inner plug and capping is automatically controlled by PLC.


According to the current direction of China's economic development, in the next few years, the development of China's pharmaceutical industry will be close to the world's advanced level, keep pace with the times, promote a stronger domestic economy, which will also stimulate market consumption and increase the market demand for filling machines. Therefore, the domestic filling machine enterprises will play a greater role in the future. This also indicates that with the increasing market demand, filling opportunities will accelerate the pace of innovation, increase service costs, and follow the market demand with efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly filling machines.