Back To Work And Awesome In The Year Of The Ox!


Though the cheer & joy of the Chinese New Year still lingers in the air, Hualian people have already sailed for the new expedition!

In the year of 2021, we will roll up our sleeves for the upcoming challenges, we will turn this new beginning into a new success, we are all proud fighters!


Under the warm winter sunlight, on February 18, all the middle and high-level executives of Hualian group gathered together with joy in the morning, to bid farewell to the past year, celebrate the upcoming new year, and shear the vistas of the future in the form of a Chinese New Year tea party.



At the tea party, everyone chatted, made suggestions, talked about the development of Hualian, and looked forward to a bright future.

The new journey must have a new atmosphere, and the new stage must have new actions. The new year is entrusted with beautiful longings and new hopes.


The tea party made everyone aware of the joyful and festive transition of the festival, the warmth, and care of the Hualian family improved communication and understanding between employees and enhanced the cohesion of the workforce.


General Manager Jackie Jiang presided over the meeting





Everything in the past is a prelude, and  the Year of the Ox has been started, a new journey has begun, new opportunities, new challenges, and new developments are waiting for us. Niu used to imply "the silent dedication" and also showing the striving posture of "spontaneous motivation".


The clarion for the start of construction in the new year is sounded. Hualian Machinery is following the sequence of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming production, strictly focusing on product quality and safe production, and making every effort to ensure the smooth operation of all fronts. Everyone is fully energized for work and all of us work together to achieve the goal of 2021.


Executive Vice President Xue Ruihong delivered a speech


Chairman Jiang Defu delivered a speech


Since the plan for a year starts in spring. In the new year, Hualian Machinery will continue to seize opportunities, innovate, improve product competitiveness, do our best work in production, and present high-quality products to our customers.


The special period brings us special thinking.

In 2020, all Hualian people have bravely faced various challenges and changes; in 2021, we hope that all Hualian people will vigorously promote the spirit of the Ox, to innovate and develop, it won't be easy, yet we will embrace it.

In action, we should keep in mind the core values of "honesty, seriousness, love, diligence, and kindness", work together to win the year of the ox, and do a good job with high morale, we will firmly march to success and pushing the company to a new level.