​Flour Fever In The Market Leads To The Expansion Of Market Space Of Relevant Processing Equipment

"Flour fever" in the market leads to the expansion of market space of relevant processing equipment


"Cooking at home" has become a hot word in recent years. Many people begin to make bread, steamed bread, fried dough sticks, hand rolled noodles and other pasta at home, which also makes the attention of powder products in the supermarket improve. Some people said that in the future, some consumers will continue their interest in cooking, "flour fever" is expected to continue. In addition, the capacity expansion of some enterprises will also bring new development opportunities for the industry and related equipment manufacturing industry.


Flour is widely used in our life, which is closely related to our daily diet. China's wheat production is high, and the wheat production in some provinces exceeds 20 million tons. Therefore, the domestic flour production is also very rich. The data shows that the wheat output in 2018 is 131.4405 million tons. At the same time, the domestic flour processing enterprises are developing towards the direction of scale and specialization, and the industry concentration and production area concentration are further improved.


It is reported that the flour processing technology includes cleaning, moisture regulation, grinding, screening, packaging, etc., which requires the use of reciprocating vibrating screen, high-speed vibrating screen, specific gravity stone remover, magnetic separation equipment, wheat washing machine, grinder, bran washing machine, flour cleaning machine, packaging machine and other equipment. Now the scale of flour industry is expanding, and the capacity of enterprises in the industry is expanding, which brings new development space for flour processing equipment.


In addition to the expansion of equipment market space, the performance of the equipment is also constantly innovating and upgrading. Such as vibrating screen, it can screen flour and improve flour quality. Now there are many kinds of vibrating screens on the market, including deflection type self synchronous vibrating screen, inertia resonance probability screen, inertia circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, etc. In addition, the dynamic optimization, intelligent optimization, visual optimization and other design of the equipment are also in-depth.

At present, the demand for flour in China's food market is very large, especially for bread, pastry and instant noodles, the demand for flour is more than 9 million tons. Now, the scale of flour in the retail end is also expanding, driving the industry as a whole up. For flour processing equipment, we should focus on the development of equipment with low maintenance rate, fast production speed, high flexibility, easy cleaning, simple and fast operation, to help the development of the industry.