Happy Reunion | Hualian Lantern Festival

The Chinese New Year has not yet finished, however Hualian Machinery Group has quickly resumed work, and trying to win a good start at the first season. The Lantern Festival is the finale of the Chinese New Year. On February 26, we organized employees to "appreciate the lanterns, guess lantern riddles, and celebrate lantern festival" after work. Let everyone celebrate the festival, lively gatherings, festive and joyous reunions, inheriting the Chinese nation With a long-standing traditional culture, relax your body and mind and meet the challenges of the New Year in a better state.


"The lanterns viewing, lantern riddles guessing, and bring gifts home." This activity used the method of drawing lantern riddles and redemption. The lantern riddle guessing area and the prize redemption area were set up at the event site, and the lantern riddle guessing area was full of lights and bright colors. A group of two or three, everyone used themselves mind in laughter. Someone watched the riddles with meditated, someone have guessed the answer to the riddles suddenly, and some people take out their phones because they don't have a clue and they were teased by everyone. The atmosphere was enthusiastic at site. The knowledge points of riddles cover two themes that the group's 5S knowledge and Chinese traditional culture. All Hualian people learnt knowledge, celebrated the festival, and had high morale in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.