Hot Pot Bottom Material Market Is Regarded As The Key Point Of Intelligent Equipme

Hot pot bottom material market is regarded as the key point of intelligent equipment


In recent days, the temperature in many parts of the country has fallen in a cliff like manner. Under the low temperature, many people will choose to eat hot pot to warm up. Nowadays, in the catering industry, the hot pot market is the "black horse". With the expansion of the hot pot market, the hot pot bottom material market also ushered in the "golden" period of rapid development. In the same way, it also brings new development opportunities for the hot pot bottom material production equipment.


According to the insiders, at present, the whole industry chain of hot pot industry in China has been formed from upstream raw material production, midstream hot pot materials to downstream hot pot catering. Among them, the development of hot pot bottom material is particularly rapid. Data shows that in 2014, the market scale of hot pot bottom material exceeded 10 billion yuan, and in 2018, the market scale approached 20 billion yuan. It is expected that the hot pot bottom material industry will maintain stable growth in the next few years, and the market scale will exceed 40 billion yuan in 2025.


Nowadays, with the acceleration of the industrialization of food industry, the hot pot bottom material also began to use automatic production line for production. It is understood that the hot pot bottom material production line includes planetary stir frying pan, spiral stir material tank, automatic filling machine, elevator, cooling conveyor, air dryer and other equipment. These automatic equipment can achieve high efficiency production, increase production while reducing human participation, and ensure food safety.


The growth of hot pot bottom material market also brings new market development space to these automatic equipment. It is understood that Guang'an municipal government of Sichuan Province has invested and constructed a hotpot Industrial Park project this year. The industrial park not only includes all kinds of vegetable, oil, pepper, pepper and other raw material planting and production bases, but also introduces a large number of hot pot bottom material production enterprises. Currently, the hot pot butter processing project and hot pot bottom material production project under construction can be completed and put into operation within this year.


A compound seasoning food enterprise in Jiangjin District of Chongqing also introduced an automatic production line in the first two years, which was put into production last year. The production line includes not only automatic processing equipment, but also intelligent equipment such as stacking robot. It is understood that the total investment of the project is more than 100 million yuan, more than 20 production lines have been built, the annual output can reach 100000 tons, and the annual output value can reach 1 billion yuan when all production capacity is reached.


Nowadays, intelligence has become the development trend of manufacturing industry. The intelligent production line can further improve the automation of production. The intelligent production equipment controlled by the central system can realize real-time data communication and processing in the production process, and the production accuracy and error rate will be significantly improved. Secondly, intelligent production line can also help enterprises to achieve flexible production.


Therefore, when designing and manufacturing with the equipment, hotpot bottom material related equipment manufacturers should also integrate machine vision, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and other intelligent technologies with the equipment, improve the intelligent level of the equipment, and endow manufacturing enterprises with stronger market competitiveness.


It is reported that the fully intelligent hot pot bottom material production plant built by a hot pot brand in Meishan, Chengdu, has been officially put into operation recently. The production line connects ERP, MES, WMS and other software systems, connects equipment with various data such as purchase, production, inventory, etc., and realizes the digitalization of production management and enterprise management informatization. This not only reduces the production cost and improves the product quality of the enterprise, but also ensures the food safety and the quality traceability of the whole industrial chain.


The vigorous development of hot pot industry in China has also led to the growth of the hot pot bottom material market, which has brought opportunities for the development of hot pot bottom material production equipment, but also brought new challenges. Now, the hot pot bottom material processing industry has begun to show new forms of intelligent industry, which also means that the equipment should be combined with intelligent technology as soon as possible, and continue to carry out technical research to improve the technical content of the equipment.