How To Maintain The Automatic Carton Sealing Machine?

How to maintain the automatic carton sealing machine?

The automatic carton sealing machine is an automatic tape sealing equipment. We know that everything needs careful maintenance to be stable and long-lasting. We know that the carton sealing machine is no exception. Today I will share with you the automatic sealing machine How should it be maintained.

  1. After the sealing machine is used up, it is necessary to turn off the switch and disconnect the power supply in time.

     2. Before each use of the sealing machine, check whether the sealing machine has abnormal noise.

     3. Every time you use the equipment, check whether the equipment is loose.

     4. After use, the equipment needs to be cleaned. Such as blade, body and other parts.

     5. The equipment screw rod needs to be lubricated every month.

     The above five points are common maintenance tips for automatic carton sealing machines. The good maintenance of equipment can effectively improve the service life of the equipment and work stability.