Hualian Machinery Was Awarded The Top 30 Enterprises For Taxation In Manufacturing Industry In Ouhai District


     On March 31st, 2021, Mr. Zheng, the Deputy Director of the State Administration of Taxation, Wenzhou Ouhai Tax Bureau visited Hualian Machinery with his entourage and awarded Hualian "the top 30 enterprises for taxation in manufacturing industry" with a medal. This award is issued by the CPC Wenzhou Ouhai District Committee and Wenzhou Ouhai District People's Government. Chairman Jiang Defu accepted the medal and expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to Mr. Zheng and his entourage on behalf of Hualian Machinery.


  Over the years, Hualian Machinery has been conscientiously implementing the strategic deployment of the state and the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and government. While striving to improve our own economic benefits, we operate in compliance with regulations and pay taxes in accordance with the law, so as to achieve a double harvest of economic and social benefits.


  As a private enterprise, Hualian Machinery knows that the development of our brand is inseparable from the support of the public, so we have never stopped engaging in social welfare activities, and we fulfilled our due social responsibilities while achieving corporate development.


  Hualian Machinery still has a long way to go on the journey of development, and we will continue to try more possibilities in the future, and strive to become a well-loved and respected brand in the field of international packaging equipment! At the same time, people of Hualian are very honored receiving this honor, and we will continue to work hard together, keep developing and give back to society as our own mission, bravely assume social responsibilities, strive to be a model of the industry, and make greater contributions to social development!