Packaging Production Line Technical Transformation Is Booming, Improving Equipment Intelligence Becomes A Top Priority

Packaging production line technical transformation is booming, improving equipment intelligence becomes a top priority

Recently, Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. announced that it will invest in the implementation of intelligent packaging center technology transformation projects in its subsidiaries to build an automated and intelligent modern packaging base. Nowadays, in the food industry, packaging intelligence has become a hot word. With the increasing demand for high efficiency and high quality packaging production lines in the future, the intelligent development trend of packaging equipment will be further deepened. For equipment manufacturing enterprises, it is urgent to improve the intelligent level of equipment


With the improvement of the level of intelligent technology and the disappearance of the domestic population dividend, the highly automated intelligent equipment will become the development direction of the future machinery market, and the packaging equipment is no exception. Intelligent packaging equipment has a series of advantages, such as high production efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, strong flexibility and high technology content, which can make the packaging links of enterprises become integrated and efficient.


In the past two years, China's intelligent packaging industry has made great progress. From the aspect of patent invention, in 2016, the number of patent applications in this industry in China ushered in an "explosive" growth. By 2018, the number of patent applications in this field in China has reached 567, and intelligent packaging machines, palletizing robots and other equipment and related technologies have a certain market penetration.


For example, an intelligent packer developed by a packaging equipment manufacturer in Zhejiang Province has applied advanced intelligent technologies such as visual recognition, manipulator grasping, 3D vision, etc. its packaging efficiency is 5-10 times of the traditional packaging method, greatly liberating human resources, simplifying the operation process, and improving the operation efficiency. In addition, the equipment can carry out personalized packaging according to different commodity sizes, reduce the waste of packaging materials, and improve the flexible production capacity of the equipment.



An equipment manufacturer in Tianshui City, Gansu Province also launched an intelligent integrated machine bottle line which has been researched and developed for many years. The production line mainly includes the functions of several grains, rotating cap, plug desiccant, labeling, etc. The production process adopts full intelligent control, the speed of the whole line can reach 150 bottles / minute, the bottling is accurate, the process is stable and reliable, and it can be connected with other production equipment, so the equipment has strong flexibility.


Although the field of intelligent packaging has developed rapidly in recent two years, compared with some countries with developed manufacturing industry, the development of intelligent packaging industry in China is still slightly backward, and the total amount of intelligent packaging equipment is also very small. Nowadays, the monopoly of foreign capital on domestic intelligent packaging equipment is gradually increasing. Therefore, for domestic packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to change the existing development mode, adjust the industrial structure, increase the research and development of intelligent equipment, so as to drive the improvement of the overall industry level.


According to the prediction of the insiders, the market scale of intelligent packaging equipment in China will maintain rapid growth in the next few years, and it is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2023. Although the development prospect is optimistic, there are still pain points in the industry, such as technology dispersion and low market concentration. This requires equipment manufacturers to improve the intelligent level of equipment, and then improve the production efficiency and product quality of equipment. In addition, we should start from the aspects of energy saving, low consumption, environmental protection and production resources saving to enhance the overall performance of the equipment.