​The Difference Between The Characteristics And Application Scope Of The External Vacuum Inflatable Packaging Machine And The Internal Vacuum Packaging Machine

The difference between the characteristics and application scope of the external vacuum inflatable packaging machine and the internal vacuum packaging machine


Another important part of the vacuum packaging machine is inflation. In addition to the shelf life of the vacuum packaging deaerator, the main function of vacuum packaging is mainly pressure, gas barrier, and freshness preservation, which can make the food more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value. The following editor will introduce the characteristics, scope of application and the difference between the external vacuum inflatable packaging machine and the internal vacuum packaging machine.


Features of external vacuum inflatable packaging machine:


1. Using microcomputer program control system and LCD screen. The work program control is accurate and stable, and the parameter setting is intuitive. Users can preset the working mode according to their needs: vacuuming, gas filling, sealing and other procedures. When using, you need to call out the preset one, the operation is simpler, convenient, and the performance is stable.


2. The operating angle of the body's head can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees, and the operating height can be adjusted up and down freely.



3. The vacuuming speed is extremely fast, ordinary products can be drained in only 5-10 seconds, and the sealing is beautiful, flat and firm.


4. One machine with multiple functions: eight working modes such as vacuum, gas filling, sealing, etc., are multi-purpose.


5. The overall shape is made of stainless steel, which is not rusty, hygienic and durable, and can be operated in a humid environment.


6. Equipped with a precision vacuum sensor and time timer function, which can freely and finely adjust the vacuum degree (unit: kpa) and vacuum gas filling time (time unit (minimum) 0.1 second).


7. This machine is leading the way, and the nozzle length can be adjusted freely from 0~~200mm. In addition to the automatic lifting transmission design, just press. Automatically raise or lower to the appropriate vacuum position, making the pumping and filling speed faster, the work efficiency higher, and the operation extremely simple and convenient. (This new design breaks through the traditional external vacuum packaging machines on the market, such as slow pumping speed, inconvenient adjustment of height and many other defects). At the same time, it has the function of vacuuming and inflating or filling with mixed gas (optional) inflating function: (co2, n1, etc.) It is more convenient to use the packaging to keep fresh, color and quality. Head vertical setting range: 690~1420mm Head horizontal setting range: 990~1490mm.


8. Eight working modes:

(1) sealing

(2) vacuum → sealing

(3) gas filling → sealing

(4) vacuum → gas filling → sealing

(5) gas filling → vacuum → sealing

(6)  vacuum → gas filling → Vacuum → sealing

(7) gas filling → vacuum → gas filling → sealing

(8)  vacuum → gas filling → vacuum → gas filling → sealing


The difference between internal and external vacuum packaging machines


1. Internal vacuum packaging machine: The internal vacuum packaging machine is a cavity structure, which consists of an upper and lower chamber forming a vacuum studio that can be sealed. The mouth of the food packaging bag is placed between the upper and lower sealing devices. The vacuum chamber is evacuated; the packaging bag is simultaneously vacuumed, and then sealed in a vacuum state to ensure that the packaging bag obtains a high vacuum. Commonly used models include single room, double room, etc. The internal vacuum packaging machine is used for vacuum packaging of meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruits, soy products, chemicals, medicinal materials, particles, powders, liquids and other commodities in the food industry, with high vacuum, high speed and stable operation. The internal pumping vacuum packaging machine has a relatively high degree of vacuum. Generally, the internal pumping vacuum packaging machine is the food industry, especially for cooked food, and there are more choices.


2. External pumping vacuum packaging machine: Modified atmosphere packaging machine has several functions of ordinary sealing packaging, vacuum packaging, and vacuum inflatable packaging. It is an external pumping type (also known as direct pumping type, pipe-drawing type, etc.) packaging machine, without vacuum studio . Put the packaging bag on the inflation nozzle and place it between the sealing device and the heat sealing device. The packaging bag is first sealed by the sealing device, and then the packaging bag is directly inflated with vacuum or vacuum, then the inflation nozzle is retracted, and finally heat sealed The device is working and sealed. The external pumping vacuum packaging machine, as its name implies, is to place the product outside for vacuuming. The external pumping vacuum packaging machine has a lower vacuum than the internal pumping vacuum packaging machine, so the external pumping vacuum packaging machine is suitable for food.


Generally speaking, the inner pumping vacuum packaging machine is more expensive than the outer pumping vacuum packaging machine, because the configuration of the whole machine is better. After purchasing the outer pumping vacuum packaging machine, we need to pay attention to that it needs to be connected The air source is used, so our customers must pay attention to the purchase of an air compressor after purchasing an external vacuum packaging machine, and the air pressure can be controlled at 6-8 pressures.


The scope of application of external vacuum inflatable packaging machine


Vacuum or nitrogen-filled sealing packaging for electronic components, hardware, meat, dry goods, fabric and wool products, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, medicine, plastic materials, food, chemical materials, etc. It can achieve anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, moisture-proof and other fresh-keeping and quality preservation effects.