Screw Measuring Weigher

Screw Measuring Weigher
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Multihead weighing can help in the following ways:

Filling bags

The range of bags which can be filled using multihead weighers is immense. At one end of the scale are large catering packs of many kilogrammes. At the other are small bags of crisps which can be handled at high speed and efficiency.


Very accurately at high speeds. The weigher is divided into sections, each with its own infeed. This would ensure high weighing speed while ensuring that overfilling of the expensive ingredients was negligible.

Placing into trays

A well-engineered distribution system enables you to combine the speed and accuracy of multihead weighing with precise, splash-free delivery of product into trays.

Speed:20-60 times/min,Weigh range:100g-3000g/time

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