Table Type Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Table Type Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
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Designed to strap small sized products such as small boxes, books, bills and notes. Extremely simple to use, rugged construction, compact design. Its small footprint allows it to be located in areas where space is at premium such as offices, book stores, banks, post offices, department and retail stores, laboratories, gift shops, and workshops.

● Simple to use with Minimal Operator Training

● Silent Operation

● Uses standard Polypropylene Strap

● Heat Sealing Mechanism (no staples needed)

● Semiautomatic Operation

● Speed: Aprox: 3 seconds per Strap (Depending on operator speed)

● Stainless Steel Table Top




Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50 110/60

Power (W)


Strapping Speed(sec/cycle)


Strapping Force(V/Hz) (N)

10-100 (Adjustable)

Width of strap used(mm)

1-10 (Adjustable)

External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight (kg)



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